Design Tour (Wednesday)

PPA’s Local Site Committee has hand-selected beautiful and unique public and private gardens for this tour. You’ll enjoy dinner at the scenic Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms. This tour includes coach transportation, lunch, dinner, and admissions. This tour is included in the CORE EVENT PACKAGE, but may be purchased separately. Registration by June 1 is $219 for Members and $249 for Non-Members. Rates are $239 and $269 after June 1.

Anita Cox Garden

A simple garden created in a space previously worked by the same gardener for 56 years.  Today, a series of outdoor rooms created to provide refuge, some nature close-in and space for entertaining. Filled with perennials (some heirlooms from the previous garden complemented with steppe plants), bulbs and mixed troughs.

Panayoti Kelaidis Private Garden

This is a collector’s garden consisting of a number of different spaces. Numerous borders surround a lawn abutted by two large berms that sweep the Western end; the East ridge consists primarily of plants from the steppes of the Eastern hemisphere, and the West Ridge has dryland plants of the American west. A waterfall arises from amidst the rock garden forming a series of outcrops with a large variety of compact perennials from all over the world. Woodland gardens with rhododendrons, azaleas and lots of ephemerals in the spring. Hundreds of pots are spread throughout the gardens—some with annuals, others are troughs filled with alpines or xeric plants. And a large indoor collection of cacti and succulents migrates outdoors for the summer. A small nursery with potting benches and flats occupies the Southeastern section of the property—which are the source of many of the unusual plants in the garden. The garden is maintained by the owner, Panayoti and his partner, Jan Fahs.

Washington Park 

Designated in 2012 as one of the “Great Public Spaces in America,” Washington Park is one of the oldest and most used parks in urban Denver. Developed in 1899, the park is popular as a tourist destination and among Denver locals. The large gardens called the “Big Gardens” were designed as perennial gardens in 1918 by DeBoer architects. In the 1980’s the gardens were converted to annual beds. In the summer of 2015 irrigation and walking path renovations were completed. During this time, most of the beds were transformed back to perennial beds with pockets of annuals for seasonal flair. The garden offers 20,000+ sq. ft. of beauty and is a haven for weddings, park patrons, and garden enthusiasts, as well as being an important wildlife habitat in this metropolitan setting.

Denver Botanic Gardens at York Street

York Street presents a wide range of gardens and collections on 24 acres that illustrate an ever-widening diversity of plants from all corners of the world. Distinctive gardens define and celebrate a Western identity and a unique high altitude climate and geography.

Many of the innovative gardens are models of drought-tolerance and showcase native and adapted plants that thrive in Western gardens. Throughout the Gardens, the time-honored traditions of European horticulture merge with a dynamic diversity of plants and design that represent the best in horticultural achievement.

Rob Proctor/David Macke private garden

Established about 20 years ago, the garden features perennial borders and water-wise “wild” plantings on the half-acre site. Surrounding the late Victorian brick house, the gardens evoke the impression that they’ve been there since 1905, when the house was built. (It will also be open.) Notable features include an herb parterre, an alley vegetable garden and a small sunken garden planted in the ruins of a summer kitchen. More than 600 pots display annuals, roses, tropicals, and succulents.

Lucette Larkin private garden

Lucette has been involved in Denver and Bow Mar Garden Clubs for many years. She is active in providing decorations and flower arrangements for venues like the Denver Art Museum. Her garden is a series of perennial rooms that add color and interest year round and provides material for her floral activities. The home is situated on shore of Bowles Lake and offers sweeping views of the Rockies.

Rod Haenni private garden

Rod Haenni is recognized as an expert in cacti and succulents. Rod has traveled the world to explore plants that thrive in arid environments. His gardens began at his current house 25 years ago. The almost one acre lot includes a large rock/crevice garden; cacti/succulent gardens in the front and back featuring over 150 species/varieties/hybrids of hardy cacti alone; a perennial garden featuring rare peonies; a raised bed vegetable area; a secret trial garden and a xeric border across the front of the house.  In addition, specimen daphnes and conifers are well-represented throughout the property. Please come and see a wide variety of unusual plants, many thriving unexpectedly in Denver’s cold steppe climate.

Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms

Chatfield Farms is home to a wide variety of gardens. Native wildflower gardens around the visitor center were designed by Lauren Springer-Ogden to showcase native prairie habitats.  Chatfield partners with the Butterfly Pavilion each year to install and showcase a butterfly house. On the site, there are gardens surrounding the historic farm homes and buildings. Chatfield Farms is a busy place with Community Supporting Agriculture, Corn Maze, and pumpkin festivals they blend together and agricultural history and cutting edge horticulture. The gardens create a perfect backdrop for PPA’s dinner, while we share ideas learned through the day.


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