Colorado Springs Tour (Sunday)

Hit the road in the Colorado Sunshine. On a trip to Colorado Springs, we’ll visit a combination of natural, retail, production, and private gardens. Explore the Garden of the Gods! This tour includes coach transportation, lunch and admissions. Registration by June 1 is $99 for Members and $129 for Non-Members. After June 1, Rates are $119 and $149.

Britton Nursery, Colorado Springs

Britton Nursery, founded in 1979, is a family-owned wholesale grower specializing in herbaceous perennials. With only 4.5 acres of production facilities, including greenhouses, shade houses, and solar houses, the Britton Team manages growing space with highly-efficient production techniques and timetables. They produce all plants from seed germination, cuttings from their own mother plants, and from small liner plants from other growers. “Cultivating Love and Life” is more than merely their mission statement- it is a way of life that they love to share!

Spencer’s Lawn and Garden, Colorado Springs

Spencer’s is a family owned and operated produce, lawn, and garden center started in 1934 by Noble Spencer. They offer seasonal locally-farmed produce, small production old-fashioned candy, Colorado honey, jams, and jellies. Specializing in bedding plants from suppliers along the front range, they work closely with Welby Gardens to create unique hanging baskets and potted gardens. An expansive collection of annuals, perennials, nursery stock, vegetable plants, and roses is offered. Spencer’s boasts one of the largest selections of organic herbs in southern Colorado, sourced from Desert Canyon Farms in Buena Vista.

Phelan Gardens, Colorado Springs

The Phelan story began in 1977 when Don & Sue Phelan pursued their dream of owning a business and opened a greenhouse. A new generation and a new garden center was added in 2003. The new building has high ceilings and ample floor space. Phelan Gardens prides itself on customer service and sharing the excitement of plants with customers.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Garden of the Gods Park is a registered National Natural Landmark. Imagine dramatic views, 300′ towering sandstone rock formations against a backdrop of snow-capped Pike’s Peak and brilliant blue skies. The world-class nature center and museum is the most visited attraction in the region with new interactive exhibits. Learn how the amazing red rocks got there with the new Geo-Trekker movie experience, shown every 20 minutes. Explore and enjoy lunch at the park.

Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscape Demonstration Garden has been experimenting with water wise landscapes for more than 25 years. The largest water conservation garden in southern Colorado, it consists of more than two acres featuring landscape plants, efficient irrigation methods, and landscaping BMPs. It includes 22 different gardens, including a crevice rock garden, new rainwater harvesting demonstration, and 9 species of alternative turf grass. You can also visit the new award-winning Water Wise Neighborhood, which showcases 5 front yard demonstrations that require only 40% of the water of a traditional landscape. Showcased are easy-to-grow, homeowner friendly perennials as well as native, rare and unusual plants obtained from specialty nurseries, partner gardens, rock gardeners, botanists and Plant Select®. Landscapers, architects and designers monitor the species and cultivars that thrive in the garden under low water conditions and incorporate them into their work. As the garden is 1,000 feet higher in elevation than the Denver Metro Area, it features a different palette of perennials. And if all this isn’t enough, the garden also has a stunning view of Pikes Peak and the Front Range!

Domenique Turnbull Private Garden, Green Mountain Falls

The garden (at 7800’) that has been a work in progress for more than 20 years showcases the diverse selection of rock types that are found in Colorado. Domenique has collected and placed every rock that resides in the garden. Plants are chosen not by any specific category but by what will survive the six-month winter cycle.


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